Illustration by Lee Kuruganti © 2008

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Lemming by Louise Norlie

Hands of Mercy by John Miller

Honey Jean by Monika M. Basile

People Scream by Bonnie ZoBell

Sacrificed by Andrew Males

Psychotropic Serpent by John Rowlands

Fire Bugs by Scott T. Barnes

Grizzly by Claire Crowley

Six Words from Hell by Jim Harrington

In Pursuit of a Castle by C.J. Carter-Stephenson

Golden Anniversary by Lyn Perry

The Devil to Play by BV Lawson

Down Corridors of Life Purloined by Anthony G.Bernstein

Wrong Number by James C. Clar

L.A. Woman by Augusto Corvalan

Springs Joyous Awakening by Erik Estabrook

Adjust Your Posture by Erik Estabrook

Links by Oonah V Joslin

Retraction by Yvette Managan

A Promised Green Island by Michael G. McLaughlin

In The Mouth Of The Dying Dark by Lori Romero

Devils' Work by Angie Smibert



Letting go of Daddy's Girl by David Memmott


where God was by David Mclean


golden hair by David Mclean


Ode to the Garbage Man by Monika Basile


What the Each Searches For by Felino Soriano


EYES by Deborah Greenough


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